The first diverging path in the maze.

The Big MazeEdit

Just a friendly warning, this maze is huge. It will cost you around 1000 turns, so don't try it if you are low on turns.  (Shortest route confirmed so far is 819 turns)

Note that there are sometimes items to be picked up in the 'dead ends' of the maze that you will not find unless you walk into every corner.

Maze route

The entire maze

 This is an overview of the entire maze. I will post another one soon with the places where the pictures of Maanto (posted above) are shown. 

Beyond the Maze:

There is another small town, other monsters to fight, a card house and some shops

There is also a portal back to Chestnut Village. To use the portal you have to finish the maze and buy

a portal ticket for 19k from Adam DeMamp.

Just some pointers to help you out. Once you are past the message that says you think the exit is near it's getting a bit harder to find the right way. 

Here are some directions:

At location 4862 go east

4617 south

5284 south

5641 east

5487 east

5432 east

For a complete walkthrough of the maze, see the Maze Solution page.

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