Bitfantasy an online Bitcoin RPG with crafting, building,trading..

Bitfantasy an online Bitcoin RPG with crafting, building,trading...

Welcome to BitFantasy, the RPG

that uses bitcoins.

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  • Browser based, no plugins, flash downloads or installs at all
  • Inhabit a persistent world, own property and items
  • Complete quests and solve mysteries, fight the enemies trying to destroy Bitlandia
  • Craft and farm items, then cook and eat them - or sell them
  • Farm and breed animals and pets
  • Build Inns staffed with AI characters that collect money for you
  • Interact with people even when they aren't online
  • Trade directly with other people via bitcoin
  • Interact with AI players that remember you
  • Not a gambling game and doesn't have hidden costs
  • Support an Indie games company that believes in bitcoin!

If you want to help BitFantasy grow, you can become a supporterpatron or even world builder!

Please use the Bitfantasy brainstorming lounge to join in the discussions about all things game-related. Share your Ideas, suggestions and feedback there.

This wiki is still under construction and we will keep adding. Feel free to help this wiki grow and add any info you have.

You can also contact Ixxi in game with any info or suggestions.

Happy gaming! 


Getting started



Recipes (food)

Crafting & Forging


Forge and Workshop Buildings

Smelting Pot


Magical Printing Press

Woodworking Bench


The Maze South of Sweet chestnut

Teleportal Maze North Sweet Chestnut



Bitfantasy brainstorming lounge

Cows and Cow Breeding

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