Crafting and Forging

Forging and crafting requires you to have a FORGE and a WORKSHOP to create things in. Scrolls for these buldings can be found in the scroll shop or there are public Forge and Workshops just outside Sweet Chestnut village through the wall. You will need a Printing Press, Woodworking Bench, Anvil, Smelter and Magical Cauldron or Scroll of Magical Forging or a Tricrafter to be able to forge and craft things. The scroll can be found in the scroll shop and the Tricrafter from the workshop in Chestnut village.

Forging Weapons

Makes Item 1 Item 2 Worth* Level Damage
Amethyst Sword Magic Sword Amethyst 65000 14



Ruby Sword Magic Sword Ruby 94500 22



Topaz Sword Magic Sword Topaz 70000 15



Sapphire Sword Magic Sword Sapphire 80000 17



Emerald Sword Magic Sword Emerald 85000 19 4d10+4


Diamond Sword (?) Magic Sword Diamond 130000 25 4d10+6


Double Headed Flail Budget Mace Spare Flail Head 6000 4 2d6+4
Tri Head Flail Double Headed Flail Spare Flail Head
Thunder Quad Flail Tri Head Flail Spare Flail Head
Heavy Duty Fishing Rod Wooden Stick String 95

Forging Items with Anvil (Anvil can only be used in a Workshop)


Makes Item 1 Item 2 Item 3 Level Turns XP
Cooking pot Coal x2 Iron Ingot x2 3 10 8
Chopping Axe Head Coal x2 Iron Ingot x1 7 9 7
Sheet of Copper Coal x1 Copper Ingot x1 7 5 5
Metal Nails (10) Coal x1 Iron Ingot x1 7 5 5
Manual Plow Coal x5 Iron Ingot x15 Short Tool Handle x2 8 5 5
Metal Cage Coal x5 Iron Ingot x15 8 5 5
Autopot Coal x5 Copper Ingot x2 Iron Ingot x20 8 10 10
Hook Blade Coal x14 Iron Ingot x2 Tungsten Ingot x2 10 19 13
Engraving Tool (5) Coal x5 Iron Ingot x5 Small Diamond x1 15 15 59

Magical Printing Press table HERE

Woodworking Bench HERE

(?) = not confirmed

  • = Selling price in weapon shop
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