Scattered around Bitlandia are NPC's and monsters. You can attack them to earn XP and items. PVP (Player Versus Player combat) is also supported in BitFantasy. Fighting between players can also occur even when a player is not online.

If you die you lose all the items in your inventory except your special items, your currently equiped weapon and armour and the items in your quick slot. Items lost in a fight will be dropped on the spot where you died, so you might be able to go back to the place you died and pick up your dropped items there.

Before you set out to fight store everything you don't want to loose at your house or an Inn. When you die you will spawn at the last Inn you registered at or at your last build house. Most NPC's will initiate a fight automatically when you walk into them, but sometimes you have to attack them youself. NPC's that are outside a building can be attacked, so be careful with attacking every NPC because sometimes they can still be useful. A fight consists of 3 rounds. In each round you will attack and so will your opponent. Each round takes 3 turns. If one of the fighters dies before the end of 3 rounds, the fight will end there. 

When you kill a monster you will get a dead body. Some are needed for quests, but you can also use them to cook with or to sell them to an NPC named Lam Horbjar.

If you wish to attack another player you can click on their avatar and choose fight. They will get a message you attacked them, so be carefull who you pick a fight with.