Monsters are NPC's you can attack. When approaching monsters you will automatically initiate fight and lose 3x3 turns. In most cases you will have to fight them more than once, each time you fight, there are 3 rounds that each take 3 turns. Keep an eye on your own HP. Between fights you can eat food to keep your hp up. 



Sometimes when you kill one they will drop something. Once killed you get the body of the NPC. The ones with a name may be usefull in a quest, the ones without can be used for cooking or sell them (20gp) to the NPC who usually hangs around near graveyards, called Lam Horbjar. 

Be careful though, if you die you lose all items you are carrying, except the weapons you are currently wearing and the items in your quick slot.


Dummies are most likely the first NPC's you encounter to attack. They can only be found at the beginners area and here you can learn how the fighting works.

Name Level HP
Alax Lend 2 18
Panalo Manth 2 19
Ance O'Malley 2 20
Sire Mana 2 20
Axa Forest 2 31
Trag Bon 4 40

Other monsters / NPC's

Name Level  HP XP Drops
Undead 1 11
Undead Master 1 11
Poisonous Spider 3 61
Undead Warrior 7 42 Playing Cards
Poisonous Baby Worm 10 60 200 Poison
Acidic Slime 14 100
Corporeal Ghost 14 65 Soul Crystals
Golem 14 750 Stone blocks
Life Draining Tar 14 106
Mutated Spider 14 65
Titan Guard 14 69
Mean Titan Guard 14 75
Titan Guard Capt. 14 86
Mean Titan Guard Captain 14 86
Poison Worm 14 110
Lava Jelly Fish 20 122
Giant Octopus 22 671
Pey 24 551
Ono's Clone 25 500 Gem
Ono's Mean Clone 25 500
Elite Titan Guard Capt. 29 800
Rainbow Bandit 29 800 Playing Cards
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