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Beginners Area Quest:Edit

Bormund Aws Quest

Bormund Aws asks you to bring him a body. The man can be found in the far right bottom of the begginers area. If you kill him and bring him to Bormund you are awarded with 1/4 of a coin. You are told that the posessor of all 4 parts of the coin recieves many riches.

Quest at Chestnut:Edit

Ironside Quest

Ironside wants Basic Issue Dagger, Sword of Absorbing and Tri Head Flail and gives you a Thunder Quad Flail in return. He can be found near the weapon shop at Chestnut Village.

Basic Issue dagger can only be bought in the newbie area. If you forget to get one you will have to hope someone is selling one...

Quest at Maze End:Edit

House of Cards Quest

Old Man Tribus

The old man is sick and needs a medicine. Kill the Debaati Mage to get his medicine. Beware though, he is guarded by many golems.

Quest at Playground:Edit

Queens Treasure 

At the Playground you come across 4 NPC's who want something from you. In return you get a number an a order in which the numbers must be placed. 

Each NPC will tell you the position of each number so listen very carefully. If you got all 4 numbers you can talk to Kyle Glass. Make sure to put them in the right order or you will lose much gold and XP. For finishing the quest you get 3000 xp and a Diamond Sword.

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