Teleportal maze pic1

Entrance to teleportal maze

North of Sweet Chestnut you will find a challenging but rewarding teleportal maze in a swamp guarded by poisonous baby worms. Najeen Abbaame awaits you and informs you: "My evil huband has scattered the bones of my poor deceased son Tim all through this swamp, and to make sure I can never recover them he filled it with these fiendish magic portals."


You will need food, there's a shop nearby selling food or you can carry some in your quickslots. These worms are tough, once you kill one it will drop poison. Keep this as it will be useful in the future. Keep note of your direction as it's easy to get lost and walk into more worms.

In the MazeEdit

Once you get past the poisonous worms you will come across treasure chests. Some contain bones which make up a complete skeleton, some contain other treasures. Put these safely into your quickslots or you will lose them if you die. An incomplete skeleton is of little use later...

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